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Winbid Digital Takeoff

by Plexxis Software

Increase productivity and efficiency
of your estimating talent.

Maximize Impact

Expertise In Tune With The Trade

The very fast track from bid to budget with ‘creativity inspired’ flexibility, company-wide standardization, super assemblies, power moves and more.

Designed for the world’s most demanding sub-contractors, our services get you live while keeping you operational and help you continuously evolve every day after.

Break free from the segregated silos and inefficiencies of yesterday’s estimating systems. The Mosaic WinBid | DTO solution enables instant bid to budget, tight purchasing protections and bid security. Dispatch drawings with takeoff properties and complete change orders effortlessly.

Super Assemblies, Power Moves And Company-Wide Cooperation

Dynamic Items Database

The “Dynamic Items Database” (DID) enables single item entry to accommodate every size, every supplier and every manufacturer code relating to each item – as well as every unit of measure that each item is calculated in during production.

Single Source Platform

Maximize the impact of every estimator as they stay connected to all key people. Dispatch current drawings with takeoff properties, instant bid to budget, purchase direct from budgeted materials, pre-con revisions, live change order budget adjustments and more.

Security Policies

Estimating data and processes are critical to the lifeline of the company. Oracle security polices enable the world’s highest level of IP protection while simultaneously granting the access to tools every person needs to be the best in what they do.

Power Moves & PDF Import

Import Massive PDF vector drawings 15 – 30 times faster than other systems.
Perform far-reaching global change to bids, the entire estimating department, or the company as a whole, within security parameters, with simple key strokes and clicks while broadcasting mission critical information to the field with next to no effort.

Super Assemblies

Assemblies that were traditionally separated can now be combined into single super assemblies. The custom property generator enables unlimited properties such as deck input, deck height, brace height, low hang, top out, and more – all to be used in one powerful assembly.

Dynamic Workflow

Traditional workflow often brings jobs to a grinding halt for subcontractors as the field requires information to flow up, down, forward, back and all around at any moment, rather than in a defined process. Mosaic’s single source, API-free design, enables dynamic workflow that effectively responds to spontaneous events that sub-contractors face.


Our unique advance planning approach, puts the power of Plexxis in your hands faster – reducing traditional implementation from months to weeks.


Disciplined project management coupled with regular communications, ensures an effective, smooth and successful implementation.

Data Mapping
& Conversion

Collaborating with your team, our implementation specialists collect, review and import data into the Plexxis system well in advance of “Go-Live”.

Skilled Training
& Support

Our training experts provide pre, during and post implementation training & support to build comfort & confidence in leveraging the full value of the Plexxis system.

The mosaic WinBid | DTO solution enables instant bid to budget, tight purchasing protections and bid security. Dispatch drawings with takeoff properties and complete change orders effortlessly.

Cooperative Cost Projection

The superiority of single source design is evident the moment PMs and CFOs see all known quantities, hours, dollars and field issues come together automatically with no effort. Adjusting expected revenue on pending change orders, reviewing historical changes, adjusting cost to complete (and more), are radically simplified, making true cost projection a reality.

Organizational Cohesion

Mosaic enables greater organization cohesion and appeal by creating an environment where the efforts of each person support those to the left, right, above, and below all at the same time, helping everyone’s performance. Strong cohesion also creates a strong appeal to customers and potential employees through elite performance.

Manageable Support

One software system means one vendor. This prevents the “not my problem” syndrome that occurs when vendors pass their software issues off to other software systems. Instead of wading through a number of sources, one support team, fully dedicated to the trade, handles all your needs.

Process Control

In the end, mosaic is all about process control and speed-to-value. The most common point of failure for integrated systems is where it links to other systems and other databases. Single source processes remove clumsy workarounds and band-aid bolt-ons, thus ensuring process controls are adhered to 100% of the time.

Easy Upgrades

Single source systems are easier to upgrade as integrated systems conflict when one system is updated to an incompatible version. Single source platforms have zero APIs to support and maintain and requires no coordination of versions between systems.

Single Control Center

A powerful advantage of a single source solution is having a “single point of control” which enables administration to assign access and permissions for any person, in any department, while injecting checks and balances at any stage.